IVE’s Wonyoung wins 100 million won judgment against YouTuber Sojang, Starship updates on other legal action

IVE member Wonyoung has won a civil lawsuit against infamous YouTuber Sojang for defamation and insult, being granted 100 million won in damages. The 100 million won will have 12% interest on it until it’s paid, and Sojang must also pay the court costs incurred during the lawsuit.

Starship Entertainment has since updated fans on that lawsuit, but also the other active ones they have, in an official statement.

Since November 2022, the agency has been carrying out criminal and civil suits as well as an overseas lawsuit against “Sojang” who has continuously been harassing our artists. Through the continuous circulation of false information, “Sojang” committed grave defamation, and they not only hindered with the agency’s business but also caused serious pain to artists and fans. Thus, the agency is doing our best so that they are held civil and criminal liability through the currently ongoing lawsuit.
The criminal charges filed against “Sojang” were recently forward from the police to the prosecution and are awaiting stern judgement from the law. As it is still an ongoing matter, we believe that judicial judgement has yet to be made. Aside from that, there are two civil lawsuits filed against “Sojang.” The civil lawsuit filed by the agency is scheduled to be pleaded with in January, and the [lawsuit] artist Jang Won Young herself raised was not responded to by the other party, so the case was won through deemed confession. The agency plans on once again informing [regarding legal matters] through an official statement after all the legal judgements are made.

So Starship themselves have a defamation and insult lawsuit active against Sojang, and criminal charges against her are also pending.

As for why Sojang is so controversial, most of it is compiled here, which should be adequate enough even with rudimentary translation. But at some point last year, Sojang seemed to realize she was about to get sued out of her ass, so she released an apology and closed the channel. No surprise that she didn’t bother to contest things in court.

Hello. This is Park Joo Ah, who ran the YouTube channel Sojang. From the first video I ever uploaded, all the way to the hacking of my account, I too, know just how malicious my videos were. I guess I was just an attention-seeker.
As the fans of the famous idols and actors I targeted would watch the videos, I was deluded that there would be high views and that I would receive a good income. Just as I had predicted, the views began to climb as time passed, and I got a taste of the income that came with it.
I’m so so sorry to the idols and actors that appeared in my videos. Whether I was crazed about the money or the views, I was crazed either way. When BTS’s V said that he knew about my channel, I acted up to gain attention and I targeted him even more. I’m sorry to him for that. I’m also sorry for editing photos and videos that I took from the internet, and using them to create exaggerated lies, giving psychological pain to Jang Wonyoung. Apart from these two, I’m also sorry to the other people who received psychological pain through my videos of lies and malicious rumors. I’m also sorry to the fans. I won’t do such things again.

Not hard to see why she would be in deep shit regarding any legal action considering she’s admitting to just saying whatever shit she wants for money and then apologizes for that. Either way, it’s great news for … well, every celebrity, really.

Should also be interesting to see Korean and international sites celebrating this despite them using her rumors as well.


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