Quick Reviews: Hopefully we at least get memes out of (G)I-DLE’s “Wife”

(G)I-DLE is returning on January 29 with their album 2, and prior to releasing their title track, they have a pre-release in “Wife“. They are at the level of popularity now where they could release anything and it would do well, though musically they’ve been a bit hit or miss for me since 2022, and “Wife” seems to indicate they’ll continue down that path.

While I do enjoy the beat and the whole playful mood to it, that’s basically all it does for its entirety. That said, it might have value as a meme song or something, since it sounds specifically made for some kind of TikTok challenge. Hearing “I wipe your shit-ass” isn’t quite as funny as them actually saying it, but it could work.

Like I wasn’t a fan of “Queencard”, but I admit to laughing every time I hear “my boob and booty hot” in some shitpost, so it’s probably provided me with more entertainment since its release than songs I actually enjoyed. Hopefully similar value can be found here, as I enjoy the content, even if musically I don’t find it all that engaging (despite people trying to find deeper meaning in it).


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