[Review] AB6IX finally “GRAB ME” with a standout comeback

AB6IX have always seemed like a solid enough group with a lot of potential just because they had Daehwi and Woojin from Wanna One, but after five years they had yet to deliver that marquee single that really grabbed me. Well, now they’ve done literally that with “GRAB ME“, as they finally achieve a triumphant pop moment by incorporating some rock notes into their dance track.

Built over inviting synths and a driving beat, some strong guitar riffs are added to round out an attractive soundscape and make even the verses a highlight, which is a K-pop rarity. When “GRAB ME” goes into a build, I instinctively braced for some kind of anti-drop or instrumental-heavy chorus since that’s the trend now, but instead got a throwback to the second generation in the form of a soaring and dense chorus that provides the song with a melodic centerpiece and something to look forward to on replays.

The post-chorus is probably going to be divisive due to the tone switching up, but on the upside, much like NMIXX’s most recent it’s limited and consistent in usage (just the post-chorus), and they do it in lieu of some kind of similarly out of place rap verse. Most importantly, it doesn’t impact the closing of this song, which is revisits the chorus with a bit more oomph to it for the finale, including that one vocal peak that it deserved.

I feel like a lot of groups of late want to express a fun and/or passionate vibe through selling their image or a concept to audiences, which obviously works quite well strategically for them. However, I prefer when the songs themselves embody that energy instead, and “GRAB ME” does exactly that while using the music video as an add-on rather than vice versa. It’s the kind of release that deserves to revitalize AB6IX’s prospects, and hopefully it’s not too little and too late for them to do so.


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