SISTAR19 deliver a nostalgic 9-song medley on ‘Killing Voice’, bring back banned choreo, show how to perform

Following SISTAR19‘s reunion and the release of their single “No More”, they’ve used the promo to have a bit of fun with things instead of only doing “perfect” rote performances of choreography with a loud backing track and/or lip-sync over and over again. What a concept.

Anyway, maybe the most important thing to come from these second generation reunions is getting them to do Killing Voice. Thankfully, SISTAR19 delivered a nine-song medley — that included SISTAR songs — of “Gone Not Around Any Longer“, “Alone“, “I Swear“, “Loving U“, “Touch My Body“, “Shake It“, “Saucy“, “Ma Boy“, and “NO MORE“.

Begging SISTAR to just get it over with and reunite, honestly.


Also, going back to my point about doing fun stuff with performances, here they are on Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet, where they do “Ma Boy”, Bora interacts within the crowd, and people go nuts.

God I wish more singers did this. Psy does this when he promotes a comeback as well, and he also stands out because of it.

Then of course there’s also “Gone Not Around Any Longer” and then “NO MORE”.


Oh yeah, and they also busted out the “So Coolbanned choreography during a performance of b-side “Saucy” on Music Bank.

Like both an Easter egg for fans and a fuck you to censors.

Good to have them back.


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