ZB1’s Kim Jiwoong faces the protest trunk firing squad over swearing controversy

In response to the controversy over ZB1 member Kim Jiwoong allegedly swearing after a fancall and being disrespectful, WAKEONE denied it happened and launched an investigation to prove as much. However, that predictably didn’t satisfy some fans and they have responded by crowdfunding and then launching a protest truck attack against the member and company.

Amid the ongoing situation, a crowdfunding campaign for a truck protest demanding Kim Ji Woong’s withdrawal was initiated on February 5. The one-day goal of 1.4 million won (approx. US$1,055) was achieved on February 6, leading to the truck protest on February 7.

Spending a stack on protest trucks instead of doing literally anything else.

The protest trucks displayed banners conveying messages such as, “Kim Ji Woong’s (continued) activities mark the beginning of ZEROBASEONE’s downfall,” “We voted enthusiastically for his debut, yet now he returns the favour with cussing in our face,” and “No apology, shamelessly making a second attack with all the forensic talk – Are ZEROSE criminals?”

Meanwhile, fans of his are accusing the account that started all this of being a long-term anti, which is supposedly why the person refuses to share the unedited fancall.

What’s the reality? I have no idea, but I do know this is all a bit ridiculous. If he did say it, then a simple apology and/or explanation should honestly suffice, but it would also be him and WAKEONE that would be dragging this out and that itself would justify at least some backlash as opposed to just his actions on the fancall. If he didn’t say it, then obviously this whole affair is somehow even more pointless than I believed it should’ve been anyway.

Either way, as always, the true winners in these situations are the protest truck rental companies, who will be continuing to eat well thanks to this latest trend. Clearing over a grand for parking and chilling? What a racket.


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