[Update] Kim Sae Ron “accidentally” posts and deletes selfie with Kim Soo Hyun, which sparks relationship rumors

Actress Kim Sae Ron (23) has posted a rather intimate selfie with actor Kim Soo Hyun (36) on her Instagram Story around midnight of March 24 in Korea, though it was quickly deleted. However, it obviously caused dating rumors between the pair.

The actor is currently starring on Queen Of Tears, while the actress was last seen cosplaying for pity after he drunk driving incident.

Not much to say about this, but this is another example of potential celebrity mess that is made public for some reason (our entertainment?), so here we are.


Kim Soo Hyun’s company, GOLDMEDALIST, has denied the dating rumors that emerged from this.

“We are making an official statement regarding Kim Soo Hyun’s photo that was spread today.
We are informing you that Kim Soo Hyun’s dating rumors are not currently true. The photo that has been spread online appears to have been taken in the past, when [Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron] were under the same agency, and we are completely unable to understand the motivation behind Kim Sae Ron’s action [of posting the photo].
Due to the photo in question, unnecessary misunderstandings and groundless speculation about our actor are currently running rampant, and we will be taking strong legal action through our legal representative in response to malicious slander and insulting posts that defame our actor’s character or honor.”

At least they didn’t say he was visiting the sick.

Though honestly, I can’t tell if it’s better or worse for him that it was taken with a pre-scandal but also even younger Kim Sae Ron.


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