Singer Park Boram passes away at 30, agency forced to make legal threats to stop rampant speculation & defamation

Apologies for the absence, as I’ve been busy this past week, but this terrible story I read brought me back. Singer Park Boram passed away on April 12 at the way-too-young age of 30, which was confirmed by her agency in a statement. She had risen to prominence with her appearance on Superstar K2 and was preparing for her 10th anniversary comeback.

While her agency had mentioned at the time that police were investigating the cause of death, instead of those curious simply waiting for the details to come out later like normal people, numerous netizens and cyberwrecker YouTube channels started to speculate wildly. That has led to her agency needing to make a statement threatening legal action against them, just to basically get them to show any respect.

“There are currently malicious posts about Park Bo Ram, as well as posts and comments defaming her character and containing groundless falsehoods, being spread indiscriminately on online communities, YouTube, and social media.
Ever since her debut, Park Bo Ram suffered from malicious comments due to unproven claims, and this kind of fake news being inflicted on her even after her passing is a clear criminal act that is no different from killing the deceased twice. Our company, the bereaved family, and other acquaintances around her are also suffering immense shock and psychological pain from encountering these [falsehoods].
We request that you immediately take down all these false or speculative videos and posts. If these kinds of acts continue in the future, we will respond with strong legal action by filing both civil lawsuits and criminal charges following the funeral arrangements. There will be no leniency or negotiation during this process.”

Not that this would be better if she were some type of controversial or problematic figure, but from what I can tell she was just a regular singer without much scandal, and even then she still can’t even rest in peace.


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