HYBE claims Min Hee Jin was influenced by shaman on ADOR management, trainees, leaving HYBE, BTS’s enlistment, more

Just when you thought this HYBE/ADOR mess couldn’t get any more dramatic or deranged, a statement has been released by HYBE saying that as a part of their audit of ADOR they found that Min Hee Jin consulted a shaman when making management decisions about ADOR, establishing a label and joint venture, when to sell stock options, when to leave HYBE, and even asking about BTS‘s military enlistment.


HYBE claim the shaman was coaching her through long KakaoTalk convos, which they obtained through digital forensics. The shaman (known as Jiyoung) appeared to gain her trust by saying she was inhabited by the spirit of one of her close, younger relatives, calling Min Hee Jin “unnie“.

They say the plan to obtain control of ADOR coincides with the advice the shaman gave her in 2021 to take the company back in three years, and the shaman was also consulted on when she should sell the stock options she had. Even the name of ADOR was picked due to the shaman deciding it was better than “ALLJOY”.

HYBE further claims that Min Hee Jin consulted the shaman on which people to hire and which jobs to give them at ADOR, and they confirmed most of the applicants who received positive shaman evaluations are the ones who passed in recruitment. In particular, one individual named Park was introduced to her by the shaman, and was eventually hired and given a shaman consulted role, which HYBE suspects was due to Min Hee Jin’s favor. In the process of reviewing the transfer of HYBE personnel to ADOR, the shaman similarly was consulted and was a part of the evaluations, all of which they say constituted leaks of personal information.

Within the conversations, Min Hee Jin targets HYBE execs with shamanistic rituals, and makes disparaging remarks about HYBE executives like Bang Si Hyuk, about whom she claims copying is the reason he got to where he is now. Min Hee Jin complained about the copying, but the shaman told her to learn from them because it profitable in the end. She also consults with the shaman about which trainees to take in and train, asking whether the ones she picked would act up or listen to her.

Additionally, they say Min Hee Jin asked whether BTS will go to the army. When given an affirmative response, she replies, “It’s better for me if BTS to goes to the army. Send them off, lol.” The shaman says she will send them because it’s not like they’ve won gold medals, and Min Hee Jin responds, “I think it would be advantageous for me if they are not around.

As far as shaman herself goes, she allegedly met Min Hee Jin years ago before 2017, and she runs M Partners and M Consulting, the latter of which billed ADOR for studio cleaning.

HYBE then close by saying there are other criminal acts they cannot disclose at the moment, and that they all make for a situation where they cannot trust Min Hee Jin with ADOR’s management.


I feel like I am losing my damn mind here. We’re now truly in “truth is stranger than fiction” territory.

Also, Min Hee Jin is holding a press conference right now, which is sure to have noteworthy takeaways as well. HYBE basically timed this release so it would overshadow that, it seems.



Min Hee Jin responded to the shaman story during the press conference.

Min turns to recent allegations that she was coached by a shaman. “I asked [the shaman] because I was just so curious. How were we to plan our steps if the company’s ace team was going to the military or not? I’m going to report HYBE for privacy infringement. They’re censoring my messages. She is my friend. Can I not have a shaman friend?”
Min continues discussing her shaman friend. “I had to get therapy because of HYBE,” she said. “But if someone there listened to me — that was why I went to her. Don’t you sometimes go? Don’t you see the things that you’ve been doing? I’m sure they’re making these attacks because they’re worse in that way.”



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