Girl group NATURE announces disbandment a day after member Haru’s hostess promo video was revealed

I dunno what’s in the water these days, but there’s been so much mess that I’m only just getting around to this story on girl group NATURE, whose company (n.CH Entertainment) recently announced their disbandment a day after a member was revealed to be working as a hostess in Japan.

“NATURE, who has received love from their fans while working hard for the past several years following their debut, is ending all official activities as a group.”

“Although the group’s activities have come to an end, member Sohee will remain with our agency and continue to pursue various solo activities in the future, including music and acting.”

I suppose that kind of buries the lede, right? As all this comes just a day after member Haru revealed she would debut as a hostess at Royal Club in Japan. She was billed as “Sakura Ruru” in a promo video, saying she was saving for a dance studio, “I am a new employee who has been working for three months. When I was 18 years old, I debuted as a K-pop idol and promoted for about six years. Now, I’m working as a hostess to save up funds to establish my own dance studio.

But I guess she wasn’t technically done with her contract, so the company made her take it down.

All that only to do this a day later, which I guess is their way of exerting control and saving face or something. I dunno.

Anyway, good luck to her getting paid at least, and hopefully she stays safe.


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