Fromis 9’s Chaeyoung speaks out about their hiatus, wondering why only they’re on HYBE’s backburner

Amid all the turmoil surrounding HYBE at the moment, Fromis9 member Chaeyoung spoke out about the group’s own lengthy hiatus during a live broadcast on Weverse.

During the live broadcast, she expressed, “Why are we the only ones who have to wait a long time to be active? Why only Fromis 9? It’s so upsetting.” She also said that they have a fandom as well, “I have Flovers, too. I have fans, too. We have Flovers, too…“. Before ending the stream, she resolves do their events to meet fans and then recharge.

While the group has seen a sales boom since being added to Pledis Entertainment (and HYBE) in 2021, it’s been about a year since their last comeback, and this comment certainly doesn’t make it seem like anything is imminent. It also seems plainly true that they’re the only ones on a lengthy hiatus, as every other group under HYBE has been making consistent comebacks. Adding onto the worries is uncertainty around the group’s contract length, as when Jang Gyuri left it was revealed the eight remaining members had signed new contracts without a known end date.

This was either the best or worst time to make this public appeal, as it seems to have rallied people outside behind them, though who knows what will go on internally. Between HYBE’s management of girl groups and Pledis’ (Pristin), it’s hard to have optimism, that’s for sure.


In Weverse DM, Chaeyoung has now apologized for speaking her mind on Fromis 9’s current situation.

Well that was a rare moment of honesty before the suits silenced her.


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