Winter’s father references Bang Si Hyuk’s ‘crush aespa’ text to Min Hee Jin in messages of support to his daughter

In some kind of shitposting gift, the father of aespa‘s Winter has gained attention recently for referencing HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk‘s viral text message to ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin in which he asks if she can crush the group with NewJeans‘ comeback.

While discussing her family’s support for her with fans, Winter recounted a time where she expressed a difficult time on Instagram, and shared a message from her brother and father, “When I mentioned on Instagram that I was struggling, my brother told me he’d take care of everything, remember? After he said that, our dad was like, ‘I will!!!! Crush them all for you!!! My daughter!!!!!!!’

Dude was definitely on YouTube and shit talking smack as one of those accounts made just to vent about this issue that international netizens thought were all fake or whatever.

Or hey, maybe Winter’s dad is also a bot.

Either way, what an amazing impact revealing those text messages exchanges had on public perception, man. Pure content.


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