Min Hee Jin’s viral press conference from the HYBE/ADOR conflict gets English subs, complete with text translations

Given that the Min Hee Jin press conference was the most impactful event of the HYBE/ADOR conflict so far, it only seemed right to post the English subtitles of the thing should they emerge. Well, now they indeed have, complete with those long text conversations shown on the screen behind her.

While many, including me, attempted to summarize all the points she made, it’s honestly probably best to just watch it if you want to understand the reaction to it in Korea.

Some of it is about her being amusing and cathartic for people, but a lot of it also stems from just disliking the way HYBE was running things, IMO. Hence why there’s general backlash against them now, which isn’t really supportive of Min Hee Jin or related much at all.

Either way, we’ll see if HYBE’s presumptive wins in legal battles will be enough to regain the upper hand in public perception at least.

A meme video with a million views for your time:


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