Kep1er’s contract saga concludes as company announces they will continue as 7, with members Yeseo and Mashiro leaving group

That Kep1er contract renewal saga has finally concluded.

Back on April 3, WAKEONE confirmed discussions for Kep1er’s contract extension. Then a few weeks later on April 29, Star News reported that Kep1er would be disbanding, which WAKEONE denied. A couple of weeks ago on May 15, Star News reported that Kep1er would continue on with seven members, without members Yeseo and Mashiro. That was quickly updated when 143 Entertainment said the duo was still in negotiations with WAKEONE. Shortly after on May 17, Jeonja Shinmun reported that Kep1er would disband, which WAKEONE again denied later that day.

Now we finally have an official statement from WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment, who confirm that seven members will continue as Kep1er, with Yeseo and Mashiro leaving.

“We are pleased to announce that the company and members of Mnet’s project group Kep1er—Yujin, Xiaoting, Chaehyun, Dayeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, and Youngeun—have agreed to renew the contract to extend group promotions.
Thus, Kep1er will continue promotions as a seven-member group after the project term has expired.
As a result of extensive discussion and consensus, Mashiro and Yeseo will conclude their activities as Kep1er after the scheduled upcoming concert.”

Still waiting to see if Yeseo and Mashiro will indeed join LIMELIGHT.

Either way, this has to be seen as a win for Kep1er and WAKEONE/Swing, especially ahead of the release of their Kep1going On album on June 3.


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