‘Music Bank’ interaction between NewJeans & LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae makes I-netizens very upset for some reason

Netizens everywhere are scrutinizing the moves of everybody associated with the HYBE/ADOR mess, leading to honestly rather insane conspiracy theories on the Korean side of things about groups like LE SSERAFIM. In some kind of apparent attempt to show that international netizens are just as insane, people are forcing themselves to be mad about an “interaction” on Music Bank between Eunchae and Danielle after NewJeans‘ “How Sweet” got the win.

I saw stuff all over Stan Twitter yesterday, and in the K-pop subreddit megathread about the conflict people were writing essays and shit about how they hate NewJeans now and need them to suffer or something. Thus, I figured it was some kind of big obvious beef at the show between members of the two groups and decided to look into it.

Not sure how that led to reactions like this (with quite a bit of engagement):

Okay, so the source that started things immediately made me skeptical cause that account has gone beyond pandering for engagement from HYBE stans at this point, sending out some weirdly disturbing tweets about teens (and also being shitty otherwise).

And based on the other angle provided, it does seem like Eunchae simply thought NewJeans were done with their victory speech, whereas Danielle was going to speak immediately but paused cause of the crowd before continuing.

Mostly though … regardless of the explanations, what exactly am I supposed to give a shit about here? Am I supposed to assume malicious intent (that resulted in … an interruption) instead of simple confusion at the end of a music show just because of the corporate drama? I figure it has to seem like a hilarious reach to anybody not way too emotionally invested in a side*. The way people were reacting, I thought they were staring each other down and making throat slashing motions or something real.

*And it goes for people saying — after the other angle emerged — that Eunchae purposefully interrupted Danielle as well. Get a grip! Who cares?!

Meh, I honestly kind of just wish these people would nut up and just say they hate NewJeans cause of their association with Min Hee Jin instead of trying to invent a narrative that creates a moral justification for it. Just own it*. Cause it’s so annoying dealing with some of these types of “scandals” that pop up on the international side of things that only exist because they know hating for fandom beef reasons (or for no reason) is cringe so they have to find some cover for it instead. Tiresome.

*Though if you do believe Min Hee Jin is a master groomer/gaslighter/manipulator, but also blame NewJeans for their support of her … there has to be some cognitive dissonance there, I assume.


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