NewJeans & aespa collab’d at SME & HYBE, Karina gave Minji a spy task to perform, and people are heated

When the Bang Si Hyuk messages about crushing aespa were dramatically revealed, it mostly just made obvious to every reasonable person what goes on in K-pop: competition. So reasonable people also meme’d about it more than took it as some kind of serious offense, and aespa themselves seemed to be enjoying it to some extent as well (their family members, too)

Given that they and NewJeans were coming back at the same time again, many were anticipating interactions between the two, and collabing on a dance challenge ended up being the perfect way to do so. Minji and Haerin paired with Karina and Giselle at SM Entertainment‘s building, while Ningning and Winter went to HYBE for Danielle and Hanni.

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Normally, dance challenges are rather useless, but this one at least had some spice to it. Even the choreographers of both teams were excited, apparently.

Even still, I wasn’t gonna cover it, but then there was subsequent mess after apparently Karina sent Minji on a spy mission during their meetup, tasking Minji with spreading aespa’s Armageddon promo stickers around the HYBE building.

In a voice livestream, Minji mentioned doing it:

“That’s right, I received the stickers that say stuff like ‘when aliens attack, those who haven’t heard ‘Armageddon’ will be eaten first. So [Karina] sunbaenim told me to spread it around the company. So I really did. Perhaps witness photos will pop up. Isn’t it funny? I was going to spread them, but my manager said I couldn’t so I did it secretly.”

As if running some kind of covert spy network that was actually done publicly, Karina then commented on her mission’s success and the work of her spy:

The spy was then pleased to be rewarded:

So that’s a fun little interaction that we rarely seem to get anymore between groups of other companies, but it also apparently made people upset in the interactions to these posts, which makes it even funnier.

These people are one step away from unironically calling them thugs and calling the cops on them.

Amazing. Just when I thought it wouldn’t really be content, I can always count on people to help out a slow weekend.

Almost enough to break out #TeamSchadenfreude again.


Additionally, as another added benefit, if NewJeans do get to continue with their career normally, it’ll be fun to look back at these times when the two fandoms were getting along, because it won’t be long before they’re back at each other’s throats, as is inevitable with fandoms.


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