A 2NE1 15th anniversary reunion seems to be bubbling as YGE confirms meeting with Yang Hyun Suk

So there’s been rumors going around for a bit that something might be in the works at YG Entertainment in terms of 2NE1 having a 15th anniversary reunion, but it’s YGE and I know better, so I wasn’t going to be hopeful about any reports. However, YGE has now confirmed that the members met with Yang Hyun Suk.

“As this was producer Yang [Hyun Suk] and the 2NE1 members’ first conversation in eight years, although no concrete plans have been made, Yang—who has particular affection for 2NE1—listened to the members’ requests and empathized with them, so we are looking forward to being able to convey good news to the fans soon.”

Now, normally I would make a joke about how any announced comeback for a YGE group could be years after they say it’s happening but … like a 15th anniversary has to happen the year of the anniversary, right? Come on, man.

Anyway, they gave us a taste of what might come during Coachella back in 2022, which I guess was almost like a teaser for this … hopefully.


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