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‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 3-4: Connect mission episodes are the best so far, which means they’re just okay

Like an unpowered space station adrift in deep space, Girls Planet 999 continues its solemn journey through the dark unknown. Episodes 3 and 4 finally get to the nutritional value of the show, giving us the first real glimpse of the trainees' skills and personalities. Those already familiar with the Produce series know how the beats go: picking parts -> bad practice -> good practice -> performance. These episodes do away with the overlong explanations and rule making that have dominated so far, making the show much more watchable in the process.

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‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 2: High Tea, Low Ratings, Mid Feelings, Boy (Group) Problems

head-scratching; while popular contestants like Su Ruiqi, Huening Bahiyyih and Choi Yunji are featured, other popular contestants like Roada Xu and Cherry Bullet’s May are snubbed, with viewers told in a montage to watch the clips online. If we're cutting trainee screen time, we must be using those minutes for other, really important matters, right? ... Right?

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