‘Girls Planet 999’: CLC’s Yujin reveals CUBE Entertainment has no more plans for the group

On the second episode of Girls Planet 999 (of all places), popular contestant and CLC member Choi Yujin revealed that CUBE Entertainment has “dismissed” CLC and has no plans for further promotions.


During her pre-performance interview, Yujin teared up explaining how Girls Planet 999 is indeed her last chance, since her group CLC will not have another activity, presumably until disbandment. She also lamented that CLC’s shift to Girl Crush/Bad Girls concepts made her personally feel invisible.

This news certainly dashes the hopes of CLC fans that Yujin’s popularity on GP999 might boost CLC’s chances for a comeback and contract renewal. It’s not certain when CLC’s contract is up with CUBE, but if we do the normal 7 years math and consider they debut in March 2015, it’s likely that they would be attempting to negotiate any renewals this year in preparation for March 2022.


Their last full comeback was in 2018 with “Helicopter”. Last year, former member and Chinese national Elkie left the group with little love lost for the company. Member Sorn had a solo comeback earlier this year with ‘Run’.

It’s beyond wild and frankly embarrassing that Girls Planet 999 is the venue for this reveal. You’d think most companies would either a) get ahead of the episode with their own press release or b) tell Yujin she can’t talk about that on the show. But CUBE seems to care little about being a professional, capable company in this regard.

Asinine decisions and CUBE Entertainment have gone hand-in-hand, honestly since the role of co-founder Hong Seung-Sung was diminished back in 2016, eventually leaving in 2020. Some of their greatest hits:

Like this is some “our company is 2 people and the practice room is in the basement of a jjimjilbang”-type mismanagement, unbecoming of an agency that once rivaled the big 3.

On the other hand, Eunbin mentioned in an interview just last month that CLC will comeback after Yujin’s time on the show is over. Who knows if that’s with CUBE’s assistance or not. The most optimistic take here is that a stellar campaign by Yujin on GP999 might revitalize interest in CLC, but it sounds like either way it’s best that the girls are done with CUBE in all forms.


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