S/mileage is now ANGERME, and the reason is as dumb as any


Girl group S/mileage have changed their name to ANGERME. Why? Well surely it’s because they’re going with an angrier, gruffer concept or something, right? No, it’s for angel tears. The new name was apparently thought up by member Kana Nakanishi. ANGERME is supposed to be the french pronunciation of “angel” and “tears”. Kana explained that the members of the group ... Read More »

Dust Off: King Giddra’s “Bullet Of Truth”


Japanese hip-hop legends King Giddra had a reality check for Japan with “Bullet Of Truth“. Calling out Japan in a song for its educational system and for kowtowing to foreign commercialism isn’t atypical of King Giddra, which is what made them great. The group also strongly believed that Japanese hip-hop should be less about party music mimicry of the American ... Read More »

BABYMETAL voted best metal album + top Asian artist on World Album Chart


BABYMETAL are shitting on everybody in 2014, and they recently pissed even more metalheads off by having their album voted the best in a poll for metal magazine MetalSucks. Tears are so delicious. Oh yeah, and one of the clones from One Direction fucks with BABYMETAL as well. Baby metal. — Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles) December 9, 2014 :o Most importantly, ... Read More »

PRN’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014: #45-41 – BoA, A Pink, VIXX, Fly To The Sky, INFINITE


#50-46 – FIESTAR, 4Minute, Block B, S, JYJ ===== [#45] BoA – “Masayume Chasing” From: “Who’s Back?” Released: September Territory: Japan Previous Best Of Entries: 2010 – [#5] “Bump Bump”, [#30] “Ordinary Day” / 2012 – [#15] “Not Over You” / 2013 – [#43] “Call My Name” Other Notable Songs From 2014: “FUN” The K-pop foray into Japan has pretty ... Read More »

‘Attack On Titan’ live-action movie released lens-flare fucked character posters


The live-action posters for ‘Attack On Titan‘ were revealed recently, and along with them came the names of the characters and the complete cast. Notably (for me, anyway), Ishihara Satomi will be playing Hans, Mizuhara Kiko will be playing Mikasa, and Takeda Rina will be playing Lil. As you can tell, there are a bunch of new characters in there, ... Read More »

HKT48 fans drop the People’s Elbow on NMB48 CDs to wreck them, piss off HKT48 manager

"If ya smelllllllll, what the virgins ... are cookin'!"

Fans of HKT48 went ahead and smashed NMB48 (sister/rival group) CDs at a handshake event a couple weeks ago, and after evidence had spread around the Internet, their actions managed to piss off HKT48’s manager, Ozaki Mitsuru. In a message left on Google +, he condemned the actions. Ozaki commented there’s friendly rivalry between the groups in order for both ... Read More »