Wagakki Band return with “Hanabi”, an epic original song to call their own


While we’ve featured Wagakki Band before to significant praise, the work they’ve done up to this point have all been covers. Granted, they’ve absolutely added their own flavor to everything, which is why they’ve gained some momentum, but the litmus test was always going to be their original work. With “Hanabi“, the Wagakki Band has their first original song, and ... Read More »

Actress Takeda Rina throws out first pitch, but not before breaking bricks with her head


Actress Takeda Rina recently threw out the first pitch for a Chiba Lotte Marines/Seibu Lions game, but before she did, Rina decided to break bricks with her head. Takeda Rina is probably best known as a legitimate karate black belt… …who made her movie debut with ‘High Kick Girl‘… …but rose to prominence in this commercial. Hence her breaking bricks ... Read More »

BABYMETAL win Metal Hammer’s ‘Heavy Metal World Cup’, metal fans mad and pathetic


So BABYMETAL won this ‘Heavy Metal World Cup‘ online poll put on by a metal publication called Metal Hammer, which was obviously just a generic poll every site sets up (like for the NCAA Tournament and shit) to milk as many pageviews out of rabid fanbases as possible. That’s all fair game, but it’s utterly transparent shit that only teenage ... Read More »

K-netz mock J-ent’s popularity in Korea, which is amusing considering the history


A poll was taken in 11 countries regarding the Hallyu Wave, and Japan’s results said that half of the people polled believed that the Hallyu Wave is over. Nationalistic? Racist? Biased? Possibly and even probable in some cases, as I can always rely on issues like this to bring out the nationalistic stupid in human beings. But looking at the ... Read More »