Pop Goes The Music: Wagakki Band – “Senbonzakura”


Your random reminder that the whole of Korean and Japanese music is more than just the summation of idol tracks. Wagakki Band is … something. A mix of J-pop, metal, and traditional Japanese instruments and vocal style, they’re certainly something original if nothing else. Here’s their most recent effort, “Senbonzakura“, which is on Avex‘s YouTube channel, because Wagakki Band are ... Read More »

Jin Akanishi & Tanaka Koki set to form a duo in a rumor I desperately want to believe


Former KAT-TUN members Jin Akanishi and Tanaka Koki have a plan. That plan? To form a duo, a glorious duo, according to Tokyo Sports. Akanishi left Johnny’s with the perspective of expanding his activities overseas but his major financial backers are only lukewarm to the idea. As per someone in the entertainment world familiar with the matter, the financial backers ... Read More »

BABYMETAL to perform at the Sonisphere, netz give the most expected answers


As briefly mentioned in the last article about BABYMETAL, the group will be performing at Sonisphere in July alongside groups like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and The Prodigy. Netizens are not so pleased that they are at the event as Japan’s representative. Please, I beg you, stop this They’re just puppets, like Kyary. They can’t even write or compose their own ... Read More »

Perfume’s new single “Hold Your Hand” is “Sweet Refrain” recycled, but it might be better


Perfume‘s producer Nakata Yasutaka must be bored stiff and running low on fucks to give, because what he’s phoned in for Perfume’s new single “Hold Your Hand” is so lazy that it’s lying horizontally with its eyes rolled back, and yet it still manages to shit on your faves’ latest single and snatch the wigs of those poor hos in the ... Read More »

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gets it poppin’ at a “Family Party” with robot Wii Sports


J-pop’s busiest pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released her latest video for her ninth physical single, “Family Party“, and it is your standard Pussy Pam affair. Colourful, lots going on, quirky visuals, and at least two wig changes, with viewers being left with no idea what the fuck is going on. Despite the song being called “Family Party”, the ... Read More »

Dust Off: Heartsdales’ “So Tell Me”


Welcome to the ‘Dust Off‘, where on a random basis we re-introduce our old pop favorites for the tired palate. Born in Tokyo but raised in Yonkers, Heartsdales consisted of sisters Rum and Jewels. The duo made a splash with their debut single “So Tell Me“, and being pals with m-flo‘s Verbal certainly didn’t hurt. Flawless debut. When they retired ... Read More »

Kuroki Meisa keeps her money away from broke-ass Jin Akanishi


Flawless Kuroki Meisa revealed recently that she hides all her money from her broke husband/sperm donor, Jin Akanishi. On April 3rd, 2014, actress Meisa Kuroki(黒木メイサ) (25) appeared at the campaign for her upcoming Fuji TV drama series “Black President(ブラック・プレジデント)” with co star Ikki Sawamura(沢村一樹) (46). This marks Kuroki’s first public appearance since her husband Jin Akanishi(赤西仁) decided to leave Johnny’s ... Read More »

Ringo Sheena to release ‘self cover album’ & make some people feel like inferior shits


After punking everybody by working with Nakata Yasutaka and serving us like homeless bitches in a soup kitchen, J-popper/rocker Ringo Sheena will be releasing her first ‘self cover album’, “Gyakuyunyu Kouwankyoku” on May 27. A ‘self cover album’, you ask? Well, Sheena has written and composed many songs for other artists over the years, such as: TOKIO, SMAP, and quite famously Kuriyama ... Read More »