‘Attack On Titan’ live-action movie released lens-flare fucked character posters


The live-action posters for ‘Attack On Titan‘ were revealed recently, and along with them came the names of the characters and the complete cast. Notably (for me, anyway), Ishihara Satomi will be playing Hans, Mizuhara Kiko will be playing Mikasa, and Takeda Rina will be playing Lil. As you can tell, there are a bunch of new characters in there, ... Read More »

HKT48 fans drop the People’s Elbow on NMB48 CDs to wreck them, piss off HKT48 manager

"If ya smelllllllll, what the virgins ... are cookin'!"

Fans of HKT48 went ahead and smashed NMB48 (sister/rival group) CDs at a handshake event a couple weeks ago, and after evidence had spread around the Internet, their actions managed to piss off HKT48’s manager, Ozaki Mitsuru. In a message left on Google +, he condemned the actions. Ozaki commented there’s friendly rivalry between the groups in order for both ... Read More »

Amuro Namie might be collaborating with Jolin Tsai. God is real.


Amuro Namie is in Taiwan under mysterious circumstances, and the rumor is that she’s working on a collab with Jolin Tsai. Namie landed in Taiwan yesterday and stayed silent despite being hounded by the media. When reporters directly contacted Jolin’s agency they neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, simply saying “no comment” . Last month Jolin’s agency quickly shot down ... Read More »

Pics of newly married Ito Hideaki’s ass taken by woman while another woman blows him


Actor Ito Hideaki is a recently married man. Tabloid FRIDAY lives for celebrity tears. FRIDAY published pictures of Ito Hideaki’s ass while he was allegedly participating in some type of three-way. Here are pictures of him getting a blowjob from one woman while another takes his picture. Questions: 1) What is that gigantic liquid stain on his shirt? 2) Why ... Read More »