Around The Web: Mizuhara Kiko Not An Extremist? (!!!), Hyeri Not Evil (?!), Keiunkan Inn


RocketNews24: I think I actually hate them for showing me this place. The Keiunkan Inn is the oldest hotel in the world and now I basically have to go. —– Netizen Buzz: A Pann post that nobody will read cause it’s Pann comes up with the revelation that Mizuhara Kiko is not a right-wing Japanese extremist and is instead just ... Read More »

Nakata Yasutaka throws Kyary into the garbage bin, produces for model Mito Natsume


Model Mito Natsume has caused Nakata Yasutaka to throw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu into the garbage bin, as he has found a new mouthpiece. On April 8, model Natsume Mito will make her music debut with the single “Colony.” “Colony” is written, composed, and arranged by Yasutaka Nakata of CAPSULE, Perfume, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fame. Natsume is managed by ASOBI ... Read More »

Amuro Namie remixes “Put ‘Em Up” for Hamasaki Ayumi tribute


With an album of Utada Hikaru covers having released in time for Christmas in 2014 and Hamasaki Ayumi bringing in the new year with an album of classical mash-ups, Amuro Namie wanted in on revamping and reviving old material; she was not content with having sold trillions of copies of her best album ‘Ballada‘, which featured a couple of newly recorded versions ... Read More »

Momoiro Clover Z & KISS collab for “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina” MV


Remember that KISS and Momoiro Clover Z collab? No, it wasn’t a delusion, and you weren’t totally wasted when you read about that. It actually happened, it’s called “Yume No Ukiyo Ni Saitemina“, and there’s a music video for it. It’s actually visually appealing and the music video is executed well. Plus, the song has moments where it’s catchy, but ... Read More »

Around The Web: Koreaboo, ‘One Fine Day’, Sojin, EXID/BESTie, JAV Boobs For Charity


Time to start this shit up again, my god. —– Koreaboo (1|2): Koreaboo have announced exclusive partnerships with Dispatch and TV Report. In theory, this sounds like a significant announcement since they’ll get video and pictures that others don’t have, and they’ll get articles out first. However, I’d like to see evidence this will actually be the case, because allkpop ... Read More »