Highlights: Amaki Sally’s lessons, Billlie’s Tsuki goes viral, Chuu does volleyball, Jisook makes an app, Daisy clarifies + some other stuff

Just realized this entire post is from women, so I’ll just pretend it was for International Women’s Day. ====== Amaki Sally, Genius 多分信じてもらえないので、私と萌ちゃんの威力をここにて告発しますww.Moe tweeting that I punched her during rehearsals, …

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[Review] ‘Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance 2’ is a timely reissue, reminder of J-pop’s once towering soft power

Do you like Trance? Do you like Ayumi Hamasaki? Are you a DJ? Then you probably know what this is. To the rest of you, this year marks the 20th anniversary of 'Cyber Trance presents Ayu Trance', an official remix project commissioned by Avex to get the biggest names in trance to remix their J-Pop superstar Ms. Hamasaki. It would end up being a hugely successful and influential endeavor, leading to another 3 volumes and Ayu finding her way into DJ crates around the world. For many outside of Japan, this was the gateway into 21st century J-Pop.

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