Kim Hyun Joong only fined $5000 for assaulting ex-gf cause it was practice for UFC debut


Kim Hyun Joong was fined $5000 for two cases of assault against his ex-girlfriend, and he got off easy because he was “showing her his fighting skills”.


“Kim [Hyun Joong] stated that he had ‘no intentions of intentionally hitting her,’ and that he was ‘showing her his fighting skills when she was accidentally hurt,’ but the injuries on her body clearly indicate assault, and Kim Hyun Joong has been charged accordingly,” says the prosecution. “However, there was a settlement and letter of apology submitted, and upon consideration of those things, Kim Hyun Joong has been summarily indicted.”

Kim Hyun Joong had beaten his girlfriend last May, which left the victim with a diagnosed two weeks worth of injuries. But that was not the only case of violent outburst from the singer. Last July, when he was allegedly ‘showing’ his MMA (mixed martial arts) techniques to his girlfriend, he fractured her ribs, which took her six weeks from which to recover. At that point, the girlfriend went to the police and took legal action against Kim Hyun Joong.

Between May and July, there was a total of four claimed cases of assault, but Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend withdrew two formal complaints. The remaining two cases were taken up to the prosecution, which ultimately resulted in the fine.

Well, for starters, this puts the kibosh on that insane fandumb bullshit that’s been going around that this was all fabricated. Which was idiotic since he goddamn admitted it in two separate statements, but the level of delusion among fans should never be underestimated.

Anyway … how the fuck can anybody believe he was showing off his MMA skills and that’s why he’s not in jail? I have to assume the main reason he got off is because the ex-girlfriend didn’t want to bother anymore after she got her apology, but man if this doesn’t look terrible for the legal system to believe this horseshit.

If this is how it’s gonna be, why can’t Ryu Shi Won just say he wasn’t trying to run over those people and stalk his wife, he was just practicing for his Grand Theft Auto audition?

The meme possibilities here are endless.


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