Joo leaves JYPE, netizens revise history instead of reflecting on how people were dicks


Joo and JYP Entertainment have parted ways after her debut initially sort of flopped (helped along by controversy), and then she couldn’t promote due to stage fright, which is basically her having anxiety or panic disorder.

Netizens essentially blamed her failure on her being a iljin thug whore or whatever:

1. [+1,511, -62] She ruined her career with her iljin controversy

3. [+967, -36] Didn’t she go on indefinite hiatus after getting in controversy for smoking as a minor right after her debut?

6. [+186, -6] She went back to being a trainee after her debut and scandals of her high school career surfaced. JYP let her release an album a few years after that but she started getting stage fright and would shake and cry on stage. Never released any more albums after that. She was in musicals and stuff though.

7. [+97, -7] She’s a good singer but she never got back on stage because of stage fright… I remember her crying on stage ㅠ

Ah right, stage fright. That was unfortunate and came out of nowhere, right? Nah, it definitely came from somewhere.

But first, the iljin stuff. I remember when the term iljin actually meant something. Like it meant running with the upper-class kids as part of a gang that was untouchable due to parental influence and/or gangs that bullied poorer/weaker students into submission and took their money and harassed them to the point of making them kill themselves.

Now? Now an iljin is anything. Take netizen memories about Joo for example. She debuted at 17 and was hit with scandals that amounted to the following:

1) Drinking.
2) Smoking.
3) Being in a noraebang.
4) Having a boyfriend.
5) Kissing a boyfriend.

This was basically the evidence:



Not the best PR for an idol, but not anything terrible either. (I guess I was an iljin as well. I’m weeping.)

So what led Joo to this point where she was buried on the JYPE roster and developed mental disorders? Because over all those “controversies”, netizens fucking tormented her. The articles about her were everywhere, the rumors were flying (because if she did that stuff, obviously she was a dirty whore and bully and … you get the picture), and the hate was real. It’s not really a surprise this happened given what we know about K-pop fans, but for people to act now like all the negative in her life was all on her, or it was because she was some type of thug, is revisionism at its finest.

Like has been the case with public perception and other celebrities who met more permanent fates thanks to netizen dipshittery, given enough time, people of that era would like to forget that they were ever such gigantic pieces of shit towards somebody else for what amounts to “being a teenager”. So to distance themselves from that bullshit, they revised history to make it her fault because she was an iljin and because she just happened to unfortunately and randomly develop a mental disorder when singing in front of the people who wished she would die.

It certainly wasn’t all because she was harassed nearly to death or anything. Nope, nope.


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