Davichi don’t seem to hate each other and people just can’t stand it

Dude in the back is me reading these shitty netizen comments.
Dude in the back is me reading these shitty netizen comments.

If you didn’t know, Davichi have a terrible relationship with one another and hate each other because Kang Min Kyung constantly bullies duo partner Lee Haeri.

How do we know this? Because people who selectively read into their relationship based on their reality shows, talk show appearances, and their SNS accounts just KNOW.

I’m not gonna post up every article, but the following is a solid representation of the public perception, and the upvotes should show you the hate is real.

1. [+5,522, -77] Lee Haeri’s seriously a saint for putting up with her ^.^
2. [+4,847, -188] Hul ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I get that they’re close but she says all that on broadcast? She’s crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+4,409, -157] I know that they’re close but it always feels like Kang Minkyung has it out for Lee Haeri. It never sounds like she’s joking with her.
4. [+4,240, -52] Kang Minkyung’s pretty and all but I personally prefer Lee Haeri. She sings better.
5. [+1,201, -16] Kang Minkyung is always taking jabs at Lee Haeri on broadcast;;; she’s such a sly fox
6. [+1,167, -19] Look at her putting Haeri down ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. [+1,163, -20] Kang Minkyung’s always been known for dissing Lee Haeri like this;;
8. [+1,111, -18] I hate sly foxes like Kang Minkyung…
9. [+1,054, -17] I think the best replies are right, it sounds like a diss;;;;;
10. [+984, -9] She’s the type of sly fox friend that girls hate. Men think that others girl hate her because they’re jealous of how pretty she is but she’s the type that gets under your skin and takes jabs at you every chance she gets while acting like she’s your friend. Lee Haeri’s a saint for putting up with her.
11. [+710, -11] I hate girls like her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
12. [+690, -8] Last time she was talking about Lee Haeri’s nude pictures… what’s wrong with her

Then the international netizens, who generally don’t give a single fuck about Davichi, just parrot Korean netizen bullshit because it’s all they know of the pair.

The upshot of what they believe is this: Min Kyung is insecure that Haeri is more talented OR Min Kyung looks down on Haeri for her looks, and that leads to Min Kyung constantly treating Haeri like shit. But Haeri puts up with it because she’s wonderful.


Going back to the comments, look at all the fucking projection on both sides of the coin, from the K-netizens above to the I-netizens below.


“I know women that treat me like this in real life, and now I’ve found a celebrity that reminds me of them. I feel comfortable judging said celebrity based on out-of-context jokes on talk shows and reality shows, and SNS posts that I cherry-pick. I’m thus going to unload all my bitterness onto this celebrity.”

Like … handle your own problems, my god.

Most importantly, remember the one person who doesn’t seem to hate Min Kyung is the only person that matters: Haeri.

All of the speculation that goes on is despite the fact that the two have had ample opportunity to breakup if they wanted. In 2012, when they went back and forth between defecting to create their own label or coming back to Core Contents Media, they did it together. Then in 2014, when they left CCM for MMO Entertainment, they did it together again. The rumors persist despite every interview Haeri has given where she’s said Min Kyung is like a sister to her. Of course, that could all be bullshit, but: 1) it’s still more substantive than the make-believe evidence netizens have (and certainly the contract stuff is) 2) if they hated each other, why the hell would they spend their free-time vacationing together in France and shit 3) this is all odd because years ago I remember I would get annoyed by all the stories about how they got along so well.

The reality is this narrative about Min Kyung being a mega-bitch to Haeri only really started after Min Kyung’s past as an ‘iljin’ was brought up again like a year ago…

…and like I pointed out just recently, by “iljin” they mean “person who drank in high school” in this context.


Motivation for the backlash aside, the truly great comments on Davichi’s relationship are the ones that acknowledge how close they are, but then say that Haeri needs to watch out for #KimchiSneakyBitch #SlyFoxSlut Min Kyung, thus basically saying that Haeri is a fucking moron and that netizens know the two of them better than they do.


Seriously, look at that patronizing mess.

Lee Haeri, a super-talented soon-to-be 30-year-old woman, is being told by a bunch of kids on the Internet that she needs to learn about interpersonal relationships from them.

Oh yeah, and by the way, why does oppa want to be friends with such a thunder cunt?


Min Kyung is a FUCKING BITCH, but Jonghyun oppa is a progressive saint! How can this be? How can Jiyeon slut be friends with pure Suzy and IU?! MY BRAINNN!

Look, maybe it’s because they’re all actually gigantic assholes? Maybe they’re all super chill and get drunk together on the weekends? Maybe they’re all members of an underground S&M club? Who the fuck knows? Not you, which is sort of the point.


Honestly, this whole thing is pretty ridiculous though, right? I mean, Haeri and Min Kyung haven’t ever seemed to have an issue with one another, so the constant hand-wringing is about … what? Sure, Davichi could probably do better PR for themselves, but then why would they care? Every shitty emo ballad they release hits #1 digitally immediately, their goddamn music videos are basically them going on vacation and filming it with a GoPro, and if they’re close behind-the-scenes, then why should they give a fuck about fronting for all of us?

But whatever, this is already too long a post on a group I don’t even particularly care about. And it all boils down to mocking this attitude:


Yeah, who wants that pesky evidence anyway?


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