EXO-L accused of screaming “get out, you bitch” and more at Girl’s Day on red carpet


EXO-L have again been accused of being gigantic pieces of shit, which would surprise … who at this point? Anyway, the latest incident comes when a group of fangirls were quite clearly captured on video screaming shit at Girl’s Day on the red carpet of the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

As they pose, people from the crowd are heard screaming angrily at them, saying various swear words such as, “Get out you b*tch!” as well as rudely shouting at them, “Hey, what are you!” and “Hey you!”

Some netizens have pointed out that the Girl’s Day members appear to be uncomfortable in the video as if they are aware that they are being insulted. While Sojin appears shaken from the beginning of the video, Yura looks around nervously when the girls are taking pictures.

Other fancams of the same incident have also been uploaded. In the first clip shown below, at the 0:22 mark, a fan can be heard screaming, “Get out, get out, get out! (Naga, naga, naga!)” In the second clip shown below, at the 0:16 mark, fans can be heard murmuring Sojin’s name as well as mentioning an “oppa.” At the 0:23 mark, a fan asks, “How could [she/they] come out?”

The netizen who originally made the post writes, “The people who attended ‘The 4th GAON Kpop Awards’ red carpet, please apologize via Twitter or some online community. [To everyone else], reply with which fandom you think they’re from.”

While some netizens were unable to guess as to which fandom the swearing crowd belonged, the boy group EXO was brought up repeatedly among the comments. Netizens speculate EXO-Ls (EXO fans) were the ones swearing at Girl’s Day due to recent rumors of Sojin and EXO member D.O. dating. EXO-Ls were also believed to have driven Sojin to make her Instagram private just a few weeks ago.

Then again, if you believe the EXO fans in the comment section … um … everywhere, they’re just being framed and it could’ve been anybody because everybody hates Girl’s Day enough to call them bitches for fucking oppar! We’re all haters because it definitely couldn’t have been the fandom who were just saying exactly that to a member over dating rumors to the point where she indirectly responded once and then privated her Instagram.

So it wasn’t EXO-L, it was just a coincidence on a grand scale and/or the other fandoms banded together to frame them.


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