Lizzy & Park Myung Soo team up for the gloriousness that is “Goodbye PMS”


Lizzy‘s amazing goddamn sweater was enough to make this music video worth it, but her teaming up with Park Myung Soo for “Goodbye PMS” was an amazing decision.

Who the fuck else in K-pop is gonna serve you J-rock realness in a collab with a comedian AND pair that with an outstanding music video?


Fuckin’ right.

As if it wasn’t awesome enough, the lyrics are on point.

What’s wrong with me?
My face is going crazy,
I keep getting pimples, getting ugly,
(You were born like that.)

What do I do?
I can’t stop overeating,
I eat and eat but still feel hungry,
(Open your mouth, ahhh.)

I think I’ve become a monster,
I’m so depressed,
I keep getting irritated.

That day is coming again,
I’m not me right now,
Don’t stay next to me, it’s dangerous,
That day is coming again,
I can’t take it anymore,
Please leave me, goodbye PMS,
Goodbye PMS, goodbye PMS,
Goodbye PMS, goodbye PMS.


Also, who else is turning a music video about a physical war with the human personification of PMS into a Godzilla versus Mothra movie set in Seoul halfway through? When will anybody ever again take anti-cramping drugs (or whatever) and turn into a giant like Mario just got his hands on shrooms? Like, just give up now.


And again:


10/10 – Excellent, easy to work with, would watch again. A++++++++++.


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