Ex-GARNET CROW member Azuki Nana now a right-wing extremist


Azuki Nana, former member of pop/rock band GARNET CROW, now goes by her birth name Iwai Rei for her role as spokesman of right-wing hate group, Zaitokukai.

Iwai is affiliated with Zaitokukai (Association of Citizens against the Special Privileges of the Zainichi), whose platform combines vehement nationalism, neoliberal economics and a radical overhaul of the political system. Although the primary focus of the group is generally against minorities, such as legally residing Chinese and Zainichi Korean citizens, counter-protesters at today’s demonstration attested that “not just ethnic minorities, they’re also going around slandering gays and lesbians.”

GARNET CROW was a popular pop/rock group that had a 14-year run and consistently put songs in the top 10 during their prime. However, they broke up last year, and apparently this is what their keyboardist has decided to make her new passion.

Remember kids, immigrants and minorities are always the problem, not the person in mirror.


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