EXO-L accidentally sent Chanyeol his own gay fanfiction, really don’t want him to read it


EXO‘s Chanyeol is set to receive an anthology (really? mother of god) of gay fanfiction written about him after a package meant for fans was accidentally sent to his address at SM Entertainment.

Let’s let the fan explain:

“The Chanyeol anthology from the [EXO-L] event. Our representative was doing the mail order and because he/she was reluctant to reveal his/her name or address, he/she wrote ‘Park Chan Yeol/SM’s address’ as the sender. Among the anthologies, one is being sent back [due to mailing error] and is now on its way to SM. But because it was sent it under Chanyeol’s name we could not retrieve the the package.”

In real life this is happening.

Korean fans and international fans alike are now sending Chanyeol panicked messages on SNS begging him not to read it.

“Chanyeol-ah, there’s a package being sent back to you as a delivery error; you definitely cannot look at it…,” and, “Park Chanyeol, don’t look at anything. I’m sorry. Please.”


The best part of this is that EXO actively encourage this type of shit anyway, whether it be via interviews or fanservice or whatever, so they absolutely know it goes on. But the fandom, in their grand delusion, don’t want innocent oppar to read their filth and must protect him.

The reality is that Chanyeol probably beats off to this shit, climaxing with the help of D.O. choking him from behind with a piano wire cause autoerotic asphyxiation is the only way he can get off anymore. In the background, there’s Tao watching from the shower as he’s crying out an open window, probably.


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