Goosain Bolt is back, Youngji helps take out competition + Hani tries to paralyze herself


KARA‘s Hara AKA Goosain Bolt is finally going to run for the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships, and she’s already smoking bitches.

She breaks her competitors into giving up. The Korean Ivan Drago of the sprint competition.

While I always say that this event is stupid and pointless, I also love athletic competition so I always end up tracking it. Plus, the event is always good for a handful of amusing moments of failure.

For example, here’s Hara’s fellow group member Youngji taking out the competition for her:

Also, EXID‘s Hani tried to paralyze herself while doing the high jump.



I can’t take waving to pharkil any longer, goodbye use of my limbs.

Hani then tried to put the bar back herself all awkward like, which is only fitting.



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