EXID’s Junghwa will shoot your dick hole, Goosain bandwagon blows axel, Jo Kwon eats it


At the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships, EXID‘s Junghwa AKA Big Bird AKA The Ostrich AKA The Giraffe AKA The Brontosaurus broke a camera situated on the bulls-eye during the archery competition, which means you better not call her any of those nicknames or she’ll shoot an arrow up your urethra.

Also, despite all my hype, the Goosain Bolt bandwagon got rekt’d, as KARA‘s Hara finished third in the sprint competition behind Dal Shabet‘s Ga Eun and TAHITI‘s Jisoo.


Most importantly, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon ate shit during the sprint competition, which is what we watch for.



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