Sulli’s ex-fansite admin continues to spread rumors, shuts down another Sulli fansite


The other day I ran a post about Jinnabit (fansite admin turned anti) and why she basically had the only Sulli fansite around. Since then, Jinnabit has basically went around trying her best to prove the point international netizens are trying to make about her being insanely possessive and destructive.

For starters, she actually began replying to international netizens.

This is borderline delusional and she seems to be trying to convince herself more than others.

Besides that little tantrum, Jinnabit has continued to lash out against Sulli after saying she would go away quietly if Sulli just didn’t do anything to anger her further. Surprise, surprise, nothing else happened on Sulli’s end, but Jinnabit is still leaking “info” everywhere.

1. Sulli94 has not opened an Irene fansite, but she is a big fan of Irene. She likes Irene because she has the opposite mentality of Sulli.
2. Sulli94 turned on Sulli when the Red Light promotions were fucked up (apparently because of Sulli) and the whole issue with Choiza.
3. She said Sulli wanted to leave f(x) however she stayed mainly because of money. The other members are so nice as well so they didn’t want her to leave.
4. When asked who Sulli was close to in f(x) she said nobody.

I’m not a Red Velvet fan, but I’m sorry to that fandom and Irene fans. My god, the perfect storm of shitty fandom is coming soon.

Apart from that Irene thing, the rumors Jinnabit is spreading have unsurprisingly not made a whole lot of sense. Jinnabit has hated on the rest of f(x) for a while now, but is now trying to paint them as angels in all this. Also, if the members hated Sulli for ditching them during promotions, then why did Jinnabit throw a tantrum after Sulli went to support Amber‘s promotions and interacted with fans of hers on Instagram? Gee, that reaction sure seems like it was more about Jinnabit being pissed at Sulli for supporting her members and other fans.


Anyway, all the rumors within the group are not really important to me, and f(x) stans can debate among themselves.

The important thing to remember is that Jinnabit continually acts like an asshole and her justifications make no sense. Plus, she also recently managed to show how she monopolizes everything in the Sulli fandom. As of a couple days ago, most of her tweets were basically just retweeting apology tweets sent to her or pictures of handwritten apology letters people were writing to her because she threatened them with lawsuits or that she would tell on them to their schools/parents or whatever else.

Even more to the point, she literally just made a fansite called sullicommunity close.

First time, We like to open the home page to cheering sulli and give her a warm love. There are not much people in our community and they dont have any problem. Our memebers just express only love to sulli before the Lunar New Years day. So we just believe our memebers will follow our rules that they will not blame anyone in our website. However, several members just break our rule and they blame @sulli94net. Members who blame her are already delete their write so we just check it in capture. Inside of capture, ‘She(s94net) just spitting to her face by lying down and she is just a bitch. (ellipsis)’ We are so shame that member of our site just blame s94net that pour out a raw criticism. And same height of apology sulli94net after I’ve heard so much too loud heart sorry.

The truth is my < peach orchard > light’s writing that apology after making sure all the private homepage of replacing, in February after all the materials and to stay within the DB, I’ll delete it completely closed.

The translation is brutal, but the gist of it is that they’re closing their Sulli community because Jinnabit threatened them after members of the community called Jinnabit names and stuff cause they were all pissed at her over everything that’s transpired.


Although nobody really asked for further evidence that Jinnabit was actually how she is being portrayed by international netizens, if you did have any doubts, these recent events have shown us exactly how she goes around shutting down other Sulli fansites. It has also given further credibility to all the previous reasons that netizens were critical and wary of Jinnabit.

I get that people don’t like Sulli right now in Korea (and internationally, to an extent), but why anybody supports crap like what Jinnabit is doing here is beyond me.


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