[Update] ‘Baby KARA’ member Sojin found dead, police suspect suicide + DSP statement


Sojin, a member of the ‘Baby KARA‘ or ‘KARA Project‘ group of DSP Media trainees that auditioned for Youngji‘s current spot in KARA, passed away today in a suspected suicide, according to multiple reports.

Sojin was found alive but unconscious near her apartment in Daejeon, but died en route to the hospital. Police believe that she jumped off the 10th floor of the apartment building. Police also say that a suicide note has not been found and stressed not to spread rumors.

According to media reports, Sojin had been recently suffering from depression, and police are in the process of interviewing her family members.

Some ‘KARA Project’ participants are set to debut in DSP’s new girl group April, but DSP and Sojin were said to have gone their separate ways.

DSP Media released a statement to the media, saying, “We just heard of this sudden news, and it’s so unfortunate. We will do everything we can to help her family.



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