Kim Hyun Joong’s ex denies agreeing to meet + gives interview & shows texts to expose truth


Well, the drama between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex took another gigantic step forward today, with one denial from her and one long interview by her that included a complete timeline and text message evidence.

For starters, her side is saying that they never agreed to meet with Kim Hyun Joong at the hospital, as Key East Entertainment stated yesterday.

Her attorney stated to Osen on February 24, “It’s a one-sided argument from Kim Hyun Joong’s reps that my client promised and failed to appear for hospital care. We never responded to or made a promise about a hospital appointment.” He also added that Kim Hyun Joong had already been given evidence of Ms. Choi’s pregnancy in the form of an ultrasound photo, “We’ve already sent over an ultrasound photo and proof of pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong, so we don’t understand why she has to receive another medical examination. There’s no need. If he doesn’t believe after seeing the evidence, it means he doesn’t want to believe she is pregnant.” Ms. Choi’s rep went on, “Kim Hyun Joong’s side made an appointment for a medical examination, and we said we didn’t respond. They’ve been contacting each other back and forth this whole time, but new reports are making it seem as if communication was cut off. How can we believe Kim Hyun Joong’s side? We can only believe if they act honestly. Currently, I am discussing future measures with my client. I’m perplexed about the constant news material that’s not true.”

The public was upset by this rebuttal for whatever reason, as if her not trusting KHJ’s people is in anyway odd or something. Regardless, all that got addressed anyway, because his ex gave a long interview to Dispatch.


In the interview, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex says she’s releasing the entire story because people are doubting her, and her story includes receipts in the form of text message conversations with KHJ.

The whole thing is a long read and you should give it a whirl over at Soompi if you want, but I’ll try to summarize it and break down the details.

To start things off, she acknowledges the public criticism, which is why she’s speaking out.

The report states that “A” is well aware of the public criticism directed at her, for meeting (again) and getting pregnant with the man that abused her. She says, “Who would understand? They’ll say that I’m crazy. I know.”

She goes on to say that KHJ never questioned whether she was actually pregnant or whether it was his because he’s told her that he made a ‘mistake’.

“Hyun Joong has not once questioned the fact that I’m pregnant. He’ll know best whether or not I’m pregnant. Because he’s the one that said he thinks he’s made a ‘mistake’.”

After that intro of sorts, the timeline starts, including her texts.

Prior to KHJ getting summoned by the police as a suspect, him and his ex texted on Sep. 7. She was cold to him, while he was trying to butter her up. On Nov. 7, they had another text convo, and this time he sent her flowers for her birthday, which she says made her reconsider the relationship. But this was just the final step in a methodical process, as during that two-month gap between the texts, KHJ had been acting pitiful and was begging her to get back together with him.

According to “A,” Kim Hyun Joong sought her out since September. “He was really drunk and came to my home a mess. He waited at the playground in front of my house, and he even cried.” And the report states that Kim Hyun Joong continued to do so. “A” says Kim Hyun Joong asked her in October to be by his side so he could endure, and that her heart started to waver.

Because he’s the actual victim or something? Sheesh.

After reuniting with one another, on Nov. 30 there was a text conversation saying that they should go their separate ways.

Regarding the previous claim by Key East that the two broke up in December, “A” says, “I don’t know the grounds on which Key East reported something like that. I think they’re just fueling the flames. They’re making me out to be a gold digger. Fostering misunderstandings and mistrust.”

On Jan. 3, his ex found out that she was pregnant after having symptoms the previous day, and KHJ found out about the baby on Jan. 5. On Jan. 9, they have a text exchange where they say they are upset at the situation, and he says that he’s worried about coming back from military when the child will already be two. She sends him an ultrasound picture and KHJ gives her advice about how to handle the pregnancy.

The next day, on Jan. 10, they’re discussing meeting with their parents and whether they should get married or not, and she mentions she’s considering having an abortion. However, she says that upon seeing the ultrasound, she reconsidered. He then says they should get married, but she needs to file a petition for him regarding his military service, otherwise Key East said he’ll be branded a criminal. She replies upset about the fact that he’s only considering marrying her so that he can save face with the public. He replies saying to forget it and that they should start over, so he’ll get married to her and make her happy. There’s no response given to that proposal.

On Feb. 18, she sends KHJ ultrasound video and photo after he says he wants to see “his kid”, and he talks about the baby getting big and asks if she’s feeling fine. But on Feb. 23, Kim Hyun Joong’s father texts her and basically calls her a liar.

KHJ’s father: “A” [undisclosed name]. No matter what, if we do things one at a time, there’ll be no problem. So don’t worry and come over with your parents. Confirm your pregnancy to us, and then let’s work thing out.
A: I’ve already sent you the pregnancy confirmation and ultrasound on February 14. What are you thinking that that’s all you’re asking? I’ll show you anywhere.
KHJ’s father: I can’t believe it with just an ultrasound photo. That’s because you haven’t acted very trustworthy to us. You seem to be twisting my words. Is there a reason for that?
A: I’ve never wanted that doctor. I’m afraid something will happen to my baby. You asked to see the documents, so we met and I showed you everything. I don’t understand why you’re still doubting me. I think any hospital will be fine.

In fact, KHJ’s father seems to be a major obstacle to things going smoothly in this situation, as when they previously met on Jan. 6, she says it seemed like he was pissed about the kid existing to the point where KHJ apologized to her afterward. She then says KHJ’s parents told her to go to a specific hospital and doctor that she wasn’t comfortable with, so she went to her own. She says she wants to end this war, and then appears to implicate KHJ’s father as the one behind the battle over the hospital meetings that were recently publicized in the media.

“A” states she has no reason to prove her pregnancy to Kim Hyun Joong’s father, and that she wants to end this war. “As I’ve said before, Hyun Joong will know the best: when I got pregnant, that it’s his, and why I want to end this relationship.”

That’s where the texts end.

In closing, she says she’s not hiding anything, but she agreed to do this to clear the air for the sake of the kid.

“Yesterday, reports seemed to make it out like there is some secret around my pregnancy. As if I didn’t show up at the hospital to hide something. I didn’t do it to ‘hide’ anything, but to ‘protect.’”

She goes on to say that Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t have to “take responsibility” for anything, but that she also won’t block his interests in the baby, and that she doesn’t plan to marry him.

Then she ends with a message to KHJ’s agency, Key East:

“I understand what the agency is trying to protect. But please don’t deny my existence. And don’t pressure me. This isn’t for me, but for the baby.”

So yeah, that whole thing was about as thorough as one can get in making a case.

In short, unless his side can show she made basically all of this up, he comes off like the stereotypical abusive, manipulative asshole that one would expect an admitted abuser to be.

People will still doubt her because people hate to be wrong, but again, unless this was fabricated, this should be over for anybody with a brain.

Of course, the weird part is that his delulu fans will probably care the most about the texts that show Kim Hyun Joong flying ANOTHER different woman to Jeju Island with him around the new year for a romantic getaway. That’s irrelevant to me, but enjoy that detail, you guys.


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