Kim Hyun Joong threatened to kill his pregnant ex if she cheated on him


When we last left off, it seemed like Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex had said what she needed to say regarding the drama surrounding their relationship and their baby. However, on SBS‘s “One Night Of TV Entertainment“, the lawyer for the ex revealed one of their exchanges wasn’t totally revealed.

The text message sequence in question is this one:

January 10,2015
[Kim Hyun Joong]: Okay, I’ll get married, but write in a petition for me. I’m about to get a record.
[A]: What are you talking about
[Kim Hyun Joong]: If I’m fined for the incident, I’ll have a criminal record
[A]: So you’re saying you’ll get married, not for me or the baby, but just because you don’t want to become a criminal?
[Kim Hyun Joong]: No, I want to work hard for our baby. I don’t want to be involved in any of this anymore. Let’s leave everything in the past and start again. I’ll do well for you. I’ll make you happy after we get married.
[A]: Yes you should. But why the sudden change.
[Kim Hyun Joong]: Because I want to do my best for you and the baby. Please raise our child well while I’m in the army.

Yesterday, I wrote of that exchange:

He then says they should get married, but she needs to file a petition for him regarding his military service, otherwise Key East said he’ll be branded a criminal. She replies upset about the fact that he’s only considering marrying her so that he can save face with the public. He replies saying to forget it and that they should start over, so he’ll get married to her and make her happy. There’s no response given to that proposal.

In addition to the extra two texts at the end, there was an omitted sentence, one where KHJ threatens to kill her if she’s unfaithful.

On ‘One Night of TV Entertainment,’ however, Ms. Choi’s attorney revealed more text messages. One, as written in the previous one, says, “Raise the child well while I’m in the army,” but an additional one not covered previously says, “If you cheat while I’m not here, I’ll kill you.”

Yeah, fans will say he was just joking about the DEATH THREAT or whatever, but if you’re on the receiving end of that threat from a dude who hit you before, then again and broke your ribs, and also had two other incidents of abuse “dropped” by the police, it’s absolutely going to be taken as serious.

I mean, honestly what more do you need to realize this guy isn’t some innocent oppar and all that? Between this and the Dispatch interview, even Korean netizens who were generally previously thinking she’s nuts and all that have turned on him.

1. [+3,555, -235] All of his stupid fangirls who kept trying to say that A was using the baby to tie him down are probably in a mental breakdown right now ㅋㅋㅋ Let’s not forget that this woman wanted nothing but an apology even after he punched her rib out
2. [+2,990, -179] He used his power as a man to beat her but look at him acting all pathetic now and lying. True trash.
3. [+2,805, -141] Wow trash..
4. [+572, -13] Hyun Joong-ah, I’m sorry to say this but it seems like your father was trying to lure her into getting an abortion at the hospital he wanted.
5. [+470, -9] Now that all of the texts are revealed, I think I can finally see what’s going on. The company is trash.
6. [+454, -6] So she didn’t even refuse to go to the hospital, she just refused to go to the specific doctor they wanted and wanted to go elsewhere.
7. [+451, -7] I understand why the woman didn’t want to go to the hospital with them ㅡㅡ Why would the father only want this one specific hospital?; Kim Hyun Joong’s company media played so hard to make her look bad.. hul..
8. [+433, -17] Why does it feel like Kim Hyun Joong still has feelings for her but it’s his family and his company that are making this complicated. I wish they’d just get married and live quietly with their kid… I bet the company’s in a mental breakdown right now with this boomerang.

His fans seriously just need to give it up, man.


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