Sulli’s ex-fansite admin continues to rant, gets caught in more lies


Sulli‘s ex-fansite admin Jinnabit has continued the ongoing saga by ranting on Twitter and making more claims about Sulli … because of course she has. Unfortunately for her, it’s also coming with more lies being exposed, which is nothing new.

Anyway, this time she’s tweeting out how she’s the victim and how she’s pissed that SM Entertainment supposedly has her phone number.

“I never wanted to hear your excuses, I just wanted to cut off all contact with you. Stop being so pathetic. You’re the one who made the mistake and now you’re acting like an ex-boyfriend who can’t let it go. With the way you’re acting, you’d think we were in a relationship or something…. You’re acting cancerous until the very end.”

Thing is, the only person the public is hearing talking about the issue is Jinnabit. Yet she’s acting like Sulli and SME are media playing this story or something.

“Getting on your knees and begging to me wouldn’t even be enough but you’re hiding behind your agency and blaming others. Really says a lot about your future, doesn’t it? I would’ve apologized first and clarified after if I were you ㅋㅋ You’re the one throwing flame at an innocent person and now that the flame’s about to die out, you make a trip to the gas station and refuel the fire; amazing, really. Why would you even give my number to your company? So they can come up with excuses for you?”

“SM would never know my number unless Sulli gave it ot them ㅋㅋ It’s been three months since I got a new number and I’ve never been in contact with anyone at that company ^^”

I dunno whether Sulli actually gave SME people Jinnabit’s contact info, but shit, I would’ve done it a long-ass time ago. It’s their job to help manage Sulli’s image, and having a raving lunatic on the loose isn’t a good thing.

“It’s been so long since I left the fandom, and it’s not even like I did it quietly either ㅋㅋ You’ll never know what it feels like for me to be treated like a foolish slave nationwide all because of your attention seeking actions. But then again, you’ve never had a brain, had you? ㅋㅋ I’d never forgive you even if you got on your knees and begged for me to.”

Jinnabit’s still acting like she’s in fucking ‘Interstellar‘ or something where time elapses differently in her world compared to ours. “So long” since you left Sulli? Uh … nah. Jinnabit supported Sulli at least up until when Sulli went to support Amber, and then when she replied to fans on Instagram, because she flipped out all bitter about it.

Jinnabit also claimed to have stopped supporting Sulli around the summer of 2014, but she was definitely taking pictures of Sulli in November during her ‘Fashion King‘ promo shit.


And here’s video of Sulli in that outfit on Nov. 8.

Why … does anybody take her seriously?


Seriously though, she’s a grown-ass woman going around intimidating kids into sending her weeping apology videos on their knees…

…for spreading “lies” about her*, despite the fact that just days ago she proved at least some of those “lies” true by showing us exactly how she closes other fansites. Plus, her random Twitter rants that are filled with mocking and insults aren’t exactly convincing anybody in terms of Jinnabit being the true victim.

*People are asking why others even care about her threats, right? Well, in Korea, speaking the truth about somebody isn’t a valid defense against defamation. So as long as they were speaking the truth with the purpose of slandering Jinnabit, they’re open to legal action. Thus, them apologizing and/or getting fined is NOT evidence that Jinnabit is in the right, despite her spin. These tactics wouldn’t work in countries like America, because the truth is a valid defense here.

Also worth noting, there’s this one commenter on Netizen Buzz going around defending Jinnabit to everybody and it’s sort of creepy. I’m not saying … I’m just saying.


Anyway, watch out guys, she might threaten you or something. Personally, I’m shitting my fucking pants.


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