‘Roommate’ rented a donkey for the house cause they needed less time to train the dog


It was Jackson‘s birthday on the last episode of ‘Roommate‘, so naturally everybody asked him what he wanted. That transitioned into what was on his bucket list, and after naming a number of ridiculous things, he settled on an ass. Like literally he wanted a donkey in the house.


So in the category of ‘Things That Only Happen Cause They’re On Television’, Jackson, Youngji, and Lee Dong Wook made a FOUR-HOUR DRIVE to see donkeys.




Lee Dong Wook’s facial expressions throughout this are that of a broken man who is contemplating what he has done to deserve this in life.

Eventually, they rented a mini-donkey from the nice farmer who agreed likely because he was on camera.

In any case, given how well their adventure has gone with Cucumber pissing and shitting all over the place, as well as having no regard for human commands, I’m sure this will work out great.


Watch Lee Dong Wook’s spirit being broken here!


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