Henry & Yewon discuss Henry taking a massive dump at her house on ‘We Got Married’


Henry is paired up with Yewon as a new couple on ‘We Got Married‘, and naturally he’d like to make a positive first impression on somebody as hot as Yewon. So, of course, Henry goes over to meet his ‘wife’ and her house and talks to her about taking massive shits.

Literally about shits and shit size.

H: “Please give me four minutes.”

Y: “Is it a big shit then?”

H: “Does it take you four minutes for a little shit?”


Between him farting on ‘Real Men, farting on Taemin for Narsha on ‘Match Made In Heaven Returns‘, and this, one has to question whether Henry is an actual functioning human or if he’s just a flatulence and feces machine.

Like why is he even an idol? Dude should be in shit fetish porn in Japan and Germany. Instant superstar.


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