Pervert sound engineer back to video Crayon Pop’s asses + Sailor Moon-esque outfits


Remember the pervert sound engineer from the FIESTAR fancam?


Of course you do. Legend.

Well he’s back, and now he’s staring at Crayon Pop.

Motherfucker looks at them doing their hip swaying dance, whips out his phone, and then starts recording.

Amazingly shameless.

You can practically see the moment where he thinks to himself, “FUQ IT.”


Soyul is gonna be on ‘Match Made In Heaven Returns‘, so I’m going to have to kill one of these motherfuckers.

Other celebrities in the line up include Super Junior’s Kangin, TRAX’s Kim Jungmo, Yang Sangguk, Kang Jiseok, BIG FLO’s High Top, Jang Doyeon SPICA’s Jiwon, Crayon Pop’s Soyul, Lotte Giants cheerleader Bak Kiryang and Hello Venus’ Nara.

Hopefully she gets matched up with Nara somehow.


And the moment we’ve all been waiting for:





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