Police state that a girl group member wasn’t in that drunk driving car accident


After much speculation about the identity of the girl group member whose boyfriend drunkenly caused an accident, it turns out there was no girl group member to begin with, at least according to the police.

“It was a misreport, she is not a girl group member. She must’ve been pretty because someone thought she was a girl group member and caused the misreport. She is not a girl group or a celebrity. She’s just a non-celebrity.”

But after everybody witch-hunted SPICA‘s Jiwon thanks to a terrible Channel A news report, netizens will not take this reality lying down, and I doubt it ever dies because of that factor.

Me? It’s hard for me to decide between three very real realities:

1) Companies probably do have enough power to keep this anonymous since the identity of the passenger isn’t relevant to the accident or police.

2) The media lacks integrity and reports false shit all the time. See: using a picture of Jiwon.

3) Eyewitnesses are incompetent and imagine stuff that isn’t there all the time because people are stupid.

It’s so hard to choose, though it does seem like a combination of two and three are the most plausible.

I will say, though, if the name eventually does come out, it’s gonna be a shitstorm.


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