Lee Min Ho was with his mom and sister while in London with Suzy


Dispatch knew exactly what they were doing when they broke the news that Lee Min Ho and Suzy were dating, which is why they left the clear implication that the couple stayed in the same room to boink all day long on their romantic London getaway. However, it seems as if that isn’t quite the whole story, as Lee Min Ho’s mom and sister were in a hotel room with him.

Lee Min Ho’s visit to London was to travel with family in addition to seeing Suzy. He shared a room with his mother and sister and took Suzy out for a drive around the city in a car.


So either that’s the kinkiest family ever or Dispatch conveniently left out that detail.

Granted, the couple probably are boning cause that’s what couples do, but what a lot of “uncle fans” were mad about was the clear inference that Suzy was no longer a virgin. Because if the couple was just photographed holding hands in the street or something, then there isn’t clear evidence that they’ve been fucking and the “uncle fans” can keep the delusion alive.

Really weird process of convincing yourself of things. Like if the hotel thing never came about, then they were just kissing each other on the cheek or something.


Anyway, in more important news, JYP Entertainment announced that miss A‘s comeback won’t be affected.


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