Crayon Pop’s choreography MV for “FM” + fanchants for “FM” released


Crayon Pop have released the choreography music video for “FM“, complete with annoyingly undulating camera.

I can’t not notice that pattern, guys.

But why post this days before the music video? Well, they’re doing a YouTube dance cover event for the song.

[Crayon Pop Youtube Dance Cover Event for “FM”]

Crayon Pop holds an dance cover event on Youtube for “FM”!

– Participation Method:
1. Upload your dance cover video titled ‘Crayon Pop FM cover’ on Youtube.
2. Send your Youtube link and participants’ name to Crome Entertainment admin email account ([email protected])
– Participation Period: March 25th, 2015 – April 11th, 2015 (KST)
– Winner Announcement: April 18th, 2015 (through Crayon Pop Official Twitter)
– Method Selecting Winner: Crayon Pop will choose 10 videos themselves (including clever idea and views)
– Prizes: autographed CD

Anybody want to participate with me? Gonna go down to an S&M shop and purchase gimp suits.


Also, fanchants are already out for “FM”, because of course they are. I’m surprised they didn’t figure this out in the time it took them to fly back from Texas.


Pre-order “FM” cause I said so.


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