While everybody whines about Kang Jiyoung, “Assassination Classroom” debuts at #1


Former KARA member Kang Jiyoung is literally the worst person in the world for leaving KARA and not wanting to make cutesy faces for a war crimes apologist, but while netizens insinuate that she’s flopping and will be doing porn soon, she’s found consistent work in Japanese dramas and now is a main cast member of Japan’s #1 movie, “Assassination Classroom.

The story features an octopus-like life-form that teaches a class of junior high school delinquents – and is determined to destroy the Earth. His students are secretly commissioned by the government to assassinate him, but he proves to be surprisingly good at his job and the kids become conflicted. Opening on 313 screens, the film earned $3.42 million on 351,000 admissions and is expected to finish near the $30 million mark.

Best part are the comments like, “She’ll have to stay in Japan cause Korea doesn’t like her, kekekekeke.”

Uh … yeah, I guess so?



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