CL is gonna trounce everybody in the TIME 100 vote, the thing Rain won 3 times in a row


2NE1‘s CL is closing in on an American debut and Scooter Braun got her nominated for the web poll of TIME 100, which is that thing that Rain won in three consecutive years.

Since it’s a popularity contest, of course it has become a competition between pop musician fandoms, with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna near the top. But none of them can match the psychotically devoted thirsting that K-pop fans have for international validation, so no K-pop idol will ever lose shit like this. CL is currently at 10.5%, well more than double her closest competitor, who is Lady Gaga at 4%. That pair and a bunch of other celebrities rank above Malala Yousafzai, which makes sense, because what has she ever done anyway?


The poll is important because it shot Rain to stardom in America and … no? It didn’t? Oh. Well, while this may not be completely meaningless, I’m pretty sure the only people who care about this is the general K-pop fandom (to an extent at least), the specific fandom for the group/member to circlejerk over, and international K-pop sites who will use said circlejerk to get five billion retweets which all feature combinations of the word “SLAY”, “QUEEN”, “OMG”, “TBH”, and “FLAWLESS”.

On the bright side, CL’s media play in American publications has been less overtly annoying to witness than SNSD‘s was years back when I used to get press releases about how they were conquering everything, though I can’t tell if my feeling is because I think she has a more credible shot or if it’s actually been less of festival of delusion. You tell me.

All I know is that I don’t want CL’s promotions to result in me NEVER BEING ABLE TO UNSEE a Regis Philbin boner.



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