‘Unpretty Rapstar’ episode 8, the finale + a winner declared, tears are shed


Unpretty Rapstar‘ episode eight time! The finale is here.

Not much to say, just watch the performances.


Kisum Vs. Yuk Ji Dam

Score: 95-102

I’ll keep it short and sweet and just say that I thought Kisum was better. I thought both had solid material in relation to the mission, and they both did well, but Yuk Ji Dam in scream mode really just kills me inside and her track not working as well as a song pushed me over to Kisum.

Audience disagreed, slightly.

Cheetah Vs. Jimin

Score: 149-43

And all is right with the world.


Cheetah Vs. Jessi Vs. Yuk Ji Dam

Score: 82-71-47

I felt like Cheetah and Yuk Ji Dam were relatively close on this one, but the audience got first place right anyway. Yuk Ji Dam was a lot better on this than in her battle with Kisum because the song was such that she basically had to slow it down a bit in order to not seem out of place, which actually puts her in a much more comfortable zone where she’s not trying to scream everything out as compensation for issues she has with projection…

…and I thought she was a clear second place, because while I feel Jessi‘s emotion as always … seriously, during parts of the song I had to wonder if what she was doing was even technically rapping. Even when she was rapping completely in English, her flow made zero sense cause nothing even rhymed or matched the song. I mean, stuff doesn’t always have to rhyme, but usually there’s some sense to it if it doesn’t, but Jessi literally sounded at points like she was just giving an impassioned speech. I mean. Yeah.

Not that my opinion matters, cause…

Yuk Ji Dam

Total Score: 79

Third place.

Cheetah Vs. Jessi

Total Score: 176-130

As it should be.

To be clear, Cheetah is not without flaws, but for my money, she was heads and shoulders above anybody else in the competition and it would’ve been somewhat of a joke had anybody else won.

If nothing else, this restores a bit of sanity, and now we hope Mnet has learned something from this first season.

I’ll write the show off in the actual final article with the English subs, but hell this has been a fun ride. Hope everybody reading enjoyed it as well.


Cheetah Feat. Ailee – “Like Nobody Knows”


Jimin Feat. Nuck – “T4SA”



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