Crayon Pop literally exists to save the world in “FM” MV + music show debut


Crayon Pop‘s “FM” music video basically solidifies that they still don’t give a shit, even after securing Shinsadong Tiger for their track. Yeah, we figured it was gonna be Power Rangers/Super Sentai inspired, but they basically combined that with Sailor Moon, Kamen Rider, and … fucking Halo, cause why not? Fuck it.

This only advances the narrative that they are thug queens in the present or in the future, and that they are here to save the universe.

So basically like we already knew.


When will they give them their own television show, though? That’s all I want to fucking know.

I’ll probably post something longer later, but for now, I can rest easy knowing that K-pop fans who take the genre way too seriously will still have something to whine about.




Oh yeah, “FM” made its music show debut on M! Countdown.

So much better live than in just the choreography music video.


Go buy “FM” cause if you don’t, the world will be taken over by those fucking monsters, and nobody wants that.


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