Video of Lee Tae Im cursing and Yewon using informal speech leaked, expect a mess


The controversy between Lee Tae Im and Yewon was all but settled when Lee Tae Im apologized and a third party came forward to back Yewon’s story. Recently though, it’s been revealed that at this some of that appears to be factually wrong, as the MBC video of the incident has been leaked for everybody to see.

Lee Taeim: Hey~~
Yewon: Is it cold? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Ya it’s really cold you should try going in
Yewon: No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: You don’t want to? It’s okay for other people to go in and you just want to watch?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Are you speaking informally?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Do I look like a pushover?
Yewon: It’s just cold (Informally) Unni you don’t like me do you? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Why are you looking at me like that
Yewon: Huh? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: You can’t see straight right now can you (You don’t know your place)
Staff: Huh huh? What?
Lee Taeim: Fu——ing bi—— really
Staff: Why are you doing this Taeim
Lee Taeim: She’s speaking informally to me who does this bi—— think she is?
Staff: Let’s just get out of the way come on come on
Lee Taeim: Fix your stare if you don’t want to get beat up. The fact that you’re a celebrity you’re going to forever, forever…
Staff: Director!!
(Lee Taeim leaves the scene)
Yewon: That Crazy bi—— really
Staff: You did nothing wrong


The main problem with this is that MBC and Star Empire Entertainment both lied about Yewon not using informal speech, which basically ruined Lee Tae Im’s image (she already had sort of a negative one, so it only added on), and thus the fallout from that is going to be a major issue for them. It’s well deserved backlash, and they’re the ones that are gonna have to admit it was more of an equal exchange than was previously revealed publicly.

On the flip side, expect a lot of people to use Yewon’s informal speech to justify irrationally flipping the script and giving Lee Tae Im a pass for flipping the fuck out. The reality though is that nothing that happened justifies a swearing rant on set while they’re filming and threatening to hit her, which is why the staff found the situation sort of ridiculous. Respect is a major issue, so Yewon was a lot more in the wrong than all the initial reports said, but it was certainly still a two-way street and shit like this is not exactly rare, but you rarely hear of the opposing party just losing it and quitting the show, which is why it became news in the first place.

It was a bad day for everybody, basically.


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