Crayon Pop’s “FM”: The meaning of ‘FM’ + “Hapataka” & “1,2,3,4” + BTS + moonROK interview


As I mentioned before, Crayon Pop are back with “FM” and its music video, which is basically the greatest thing in history.

But a lot of people were confused as to what ‘FM’ stood for, and Soompi had the genius idea of … uh … asking:

Chrome Entertainment kindly let us know that “FM” actually stands for “field manual.” In Korea, “FM” (field manual) is slang for a type of guy who’s a total rule follower, not in a good way. So the song is about a girl who is trying to save an FM.

Crayon Pop doing charity work for clueless men in addition to save the world.



Besides the instrumentals, the other two songs on the mini are “Hapataka” and “1,2,3,4“, both of which are just as good as the single.


Behind-the-scenes of the music video.

moonROK interviewed Crayon Pop at SXSW.


ChoA, the only person in the history of the universe to prefer Buffalo over basically every other major city in America.

– Just an observation, but aside from the pockets of nugu lovers with “Bing Bing” and “Dancing Queen“, “FM” is easily the best reaction a Crayon Pop release has gotten from the international K-pop fandom.

So that’s great … but that said, a lot of the songs they hated did quite well on the charts, so who knows?


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