Star Empire & MBC continue to make things worse for Yewon


As expected, Yewon is getting ripped to shreds on T-ara levels by the general public, except unlike T-ara, her actions aren’t groundless rumors but on video. A large part of this feeding frenzy is because of the handling of the conflict by Star Empire Entertainment and MBC, as they essentially lied, blamed everything on Lee Tae Im, and shielded Yewon completely. Had this been limited to an internal dispute with both sides settling things quietly, probably both stars take some heat from the reports of conflict getting out, but there’s no need for the video release and it dies out shortly. But as it stands currently, the reversal of reality leads to people feeling embarrassed by the truth when Star Empire/MBC/Dispatch even went as far as to gather witnesses, so now it’s 10 times worse the other way because of the deceit involved.

As such … um … one would think that they would NOW do everything in their power to try and at least stem the tide a bit, right? Nah.

On March 27th, a personnel from Yewon’s management Star Empire told Star News, “I saw the video and I don’t know what to say. Our stance hasn’t changed from what we previously said. Yewon does swear at the end but she is speaking to herself. I don’t want to make an issue out of that.”


Meanwhile MBC has called for an emergency meeting after the video was released because they had no idea who uploaded this original footage. A staff member from the program Tutoring across Generations said, “The production team was just made aware of the situation and have called for an emergency meeting – we’re trying to make sense of the situation.”

…okay but what about ‘We Got Ma

MBC reps stated on March 28, “We haven’t discussed anything about Yewon’s leave from the show. Currently, we have no plans to talk about Yewon’s recent controversy in detail at all.”

rried‘. Welp.


Just from a public relations standpoint I don’t understand this entire thought process at all, especially when they knew the video was out there. And now, after the fact, to continue down the same road like nothing happened when this is already a truly mainstream controversy just seems willfully out of touch.

Yeah, the act itself wasn’t deserving of some huge controversy, but it was everything else that was done behind the scenes and in the press that’s the reason it’s gotten to this point, yet the companies involved (and Dispatch) continue to be in denial about it for reasons unknown to anybody with a brain.

Bizarre handling of the entire situation given what we know now.


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