VIXX’s N says he was molested by a company staffer at a company event


VIXX‘s N revealed onBachelor Party‘ that he doesn’t like the type of women who start molesting him after they’ve had a few drinks, which sounds reasonable enough in itself, but he then revealed one incident where a female staffer from his own company sexually harassed him at a company outing.

During the show, Shin Dong Yeop asked, “Let’s talk about things that you wish that women wouldn’t do when you’re drinking in a group. N started, “Women think that all men would like it if they do skinship. So they just touch here and there.”

N confessed, “I went to a company dinner once and there was a female staff member who put her hand on my thigh as she talked. She kept massaging it and stuff and I really didn’t like it.”

So yeah, that’s sexual harassment, especially considering it’s coming from a staff member of your own company.

Of course, it was played off as a joke.

When Cho Sae Ho asked, “But I like it. Don’t you like it?” N said, “Hyung, you’re dirty.” Then Cho Sae Ho tried to reenact the skinship and Jang Dong Min, who was sitting next to him, said, “I′m going to get sick after the show,” bringing out laughter.

That’s sadly to be expected, in the same vein as this:

But all I’m saying is that if it came out that an older male staffer was doing this to Suzy, dude would have a bounty on his head, and given that N clearly states it was awkward and unwanted, especially from a company staffer … geez, I hope she’s not with their company anymore.


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