AKB48’s Takahashi Minami & Minegishi Minami “caught” partying and being awesome


AKB48 members Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami are currently caught up in a scandal of sorts as old pictures of them partying and celebrating Takashi Minami’s 20th birthday were released by Shukan Bunshun. It shows them hugging men (presumably staff), sitting on their laps, infers drinking … and generally being an awesome time.






Supposedly this is a scandal because Minegishi was 19 at the time, which is not legal drinking age, and she’s catching most of the backlash. But really, it’s Japan, so please with that shit. What’s really making headlines is the assumption and/or inference that they’re fucking these dudes on the side or are too close with the staff or whwatever. And while I definitely can see that as a possibility with or without these pictures … this just looks like a … party? I dunno. Japan, Korea, America or otherwise, I’m not sure what people think goes on at parties.

The only dumb thing about this is letting pictures get out.

I mean, hopefully this doesn’t go as badly as last time.



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