Around The Web: Jessica Raps, Gay In Asia, Yewon/Lee Tae Im Explainer, Eating Kid Shit


OMONA THEY DIDN’T: Hep-hap queen Jessica is dropping a solo rap effort!!!


Netizen Buzz: People are still debating the lesbian kiss scene and homosexuality in ‘Seonam Girls High School Investigators‘, which actually makes the drama oddly and surprisingly important.

Japan Real Time: Speaking of homosexuality, the Shibuya Ward in Tokyo passed a same-sex partner bill.


Soompi: An explainer of sorts on the manners behind the Yewon and Lee Tae Im controversy. Very fair to everybody involved.

DJBooth: Rap Monster‘s mixtape earned him an international fan.

Koreaboo: Tiffany followed Baekhyun on Instagram and fans are upset. Never stop.


Soompi: Oh hey, it’s a dad who eats the shit of his own kids to make sure they’re healthy.


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